Monday, 22 October 2012

"LORD - do something...please!

Here's something for you to think about.

How many times have you prayed about an issue - either something you are going through, or maybe a friend - and you pray as if it's the first He knows of the situation?

The thing that the Lord revealed to me the other day was this - it is HIM prompting us to pray about the situation in the first place.
With God we don't have to be afraid of what lies ahead

He already knows about it, even more than you do.
He's the one getting the ball rolling by causing us to be aware of the issue in the first place.

He opens our eyes to it, whether it's something in our life that needs dealing with, or it could be a need a friend has, or a social justice issue.

Perhaps when we pray we need to be saying, "Thankyou Lord, for making me aware of this problem/issue, and please heal/deal with it/cause it to work out" instead of "LORD don't You see me/her/them suffering here? Why don't You do something about it??"

Well...He already has.

Thanks for calling in,
a bientot...X Rebecca

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