Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dear Father,
This new day is a gift.
I accept this gift from You.
As I open this gift, I choose to remember that it was given to me by Someone who loves me.
The One who chose this gift did so because He knows me well.

As I open this beautifully packaged gift, I see what is carefully placed inside.
A fresh, new day.
Full of possibility and hope.
Untainted by harsh words, as yet unblemished from problems and sadness.

Because of the purity of this day, because of its pure and peaceful beauty, I am tempted to set it aside and not make use of it.
If I use it, it might get ruined by my human sinfulness.

However, as with any gift, there are three things I could do with this present you have given me:
  • Hide it away in a cupboard, stuffing it out of sight and forgetting all about it - it's beauty and it's possibilities,
  • Set it aside, looking at it and thinking, "One of these days I'm going to use it", or
  • Understand and embrace it's beauty and function, choosing to use it and enjoy it.
Father, as the Giver of this gift of today, the third option is the one that would give You the most pleasure.
You have given me today, You chose today for me because You know me and You know what's best for me.
(An excerpt from my book of quiet time jounalling - dated Sunday, January 23rd 2011)

 There's a quote that goes along these lines,
"Yesterday is gone,
Tomorrow is yet to come,
Today is a gift, that's why it's called the 'present'"

That's true isn't it?

Yesterday is gone...forever.
The things you said or didn't say, did or didn't do yesterday are gone.
All that remains of yesterday are the consequences of our reactions - whether positive or hurtful.
You can't change what you did or said, you can't take back words once they've left your mouth.

Are you resting on your laurels from yesterday - or yesteryear?
Is it time to move on and create new memories, new relationships, a new definition of YOU?

And what about tomorrow?
Tomorrow doesn't exist...yet.
It's not here, it never has been, yet we put so much hope in it.

"I'll do it tomorrow."
"I'll ring and apologise tomorrow."
"I'll give up drinking tomorrow."
"I'll apply for that course tomorrow."

We may as well replace tomorrow with someday, because sometimes that can be what we're really saying.

All we have is today.
This day.
And to take it one step further, all we really have is this moment.
In reality, this single, split-second moment is all we have to work with.

You have the choice, I have the choice, whether we use this moment, this hour, this day, this life - or if we choose to sit by and allow opportunities to slip through our fingers.

I know that life can be hard.
I know that sometimes it just seems too much.
But you can do it.
You deserve a great life, doing the things you've always dreamed of.
You deserve to live.

A bientot,

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