Friday, 9 December 2011

A Little Bit of Perspective Can Make a Big Difference

Just saw that August was the date of my last post.
August!? Yikes!
Nevermind, it's good to be back.

Today I want to tell you a little story.

Alex was a girl who didn't have a good start to life.
She was one of three siblings who had loving parents, but early on in her life her mother tragically died. Her father didn't cope well and struggled to care for his three children. Knowing that Alex was the oldest and strongest, the father fed and cared for only her, thus causing the others to die of starvation and neglect.

When she was barely a teenager, she and her father began an incestuous relationship. Together they tried to have children of their own, but none of them were born alive. Not long after they became foster parents to three abandoned babies, but because of her age Alex struggled to be an adequate mother. The babies were neglected and rarely fed, as Alex and her father became increasingly obsessed with each other, showing signs of mental agitation. Avoiding the children as often as they could, they would stay inside while the babies were left outside to fend for themselves, crying because they were so hungry.

It all came to a tragic end when, in a fit of rage, Alex and her father viciously attacked the oldest child, mauling it to death. The parents were found later, inside the house, with their faces covered in blood.

Now, I'm sure you are thinking "what a horrible story". And, yes it is.
But what if I were to tell you that Alex is a BUDGIE, and this whole account is something that happened in our aviary a few weeks ago?
(I bet you are re-reading the story with new eyes now!)

Isn't it interesting how perspective can affect the way we see things? Knowing that the story was about birds makes the whole thing much more innocent and acceptable (well, almost!).

The same is true in our real day to day lives.
Getting some perspective - seeing things through "different" eyes - can be helpful when we are going through a difficult or confusing time. As christians we need to maintain an eternal perspective - after all, our true home is in heaven with our Heavenly Father, and we are but "temporary residents and foriegners" (see 1 Peter 2:11). An eternal perspective means that we no longer see things on a superficial level. I don't mean we are to view life in a mystical way seeing the supernatural around every corner, but yes, God allows certain issues to touch our lives in order that we may grow spiritually and/or bring Him glory.

So the next time you are going through some "thing", ask God to show you what His purpose in it is.
He might surprise you and actually show you!

Thanks for dropping by,
Au Revoir!

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